Concrete Products

Our Concrete Product manufacturing plants are based at Volmoed Quarry.

We manufacture and supply the complete range of paving bricks, hollow blocks and cement bricks,directly to municipalities, contractors or the public.

The Concrete Product range include:

  • 140mm Building Block – Hollow block
  • 90mm Building Block – Hollow block
  • Cement Stock Bricks
  • Cement Maxi Bricks
  • Retaining Blocks
  • 50mm Bevel Pavers  - Natural or Colour
  • 50mm Hexagon Pavers – Natural or Colour
  • 60mm Interlocker Paver – Natural or Colour
  • 80mm Interlocker Paver – Natural or Colour
  • Cobble Pavers – Natural or Colour

These products are all available in various Compressive Strengths.